The construction of the vessel was carried out respecting her forms and details with historical rigor, applying an innovative and revolutionary system in the shipbuilding sector of historical replicas of these characteristics, combining the construction in fiberglass and its lining of wood. The work lasted approximately 14 months, and the launched was on March 11th, 2018.

The vessel weight 200 GT. Just as the original, the replica of the Trinidad have three masts and a bowsprit. The height of the main mast is almost 82 ft from the waterline.

We are used around 1589.16ft3 of iroko wood have been used for the construction. It is a tropical wood of great durability and very resistant to the different climatic and meteorological agents.

Facts and Figures

  • More than 1200 sq ft of visiting area (in different decks).
  • 4 decks, captain cabin and living accommodation on board area.
  • Capacity: 100 people maximum/event. Increases possibilities and at port installations.
  • Average number of visitors per day: 2.000.
  • Specifications: Length: 93ft / Maximum beam: 26.2ft / Draft: 10 ft / Air Draft: 82 ft
  • 4 Masts /5 sails / 80 ft Air draft.

  1. It hosts 359 sq yd of sails, with the maneuvering of sails and rigging faithful to the nao Trinidad of the 16th century, with more than 1.9mi of ropes for firm rigging and labor.